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Single-Cut EVO 5.0 Windscreen removal system

Single-Cut EVO 5.0 is a glass removal tool that enables the operator to remove direct-glazed windscreens, sidelights and backlights efficiently and safely. This item is supplied complete in a purpose-built, compact plastic carrying case incl. 50 m high tensile strength Single-Cut fiber cord.
  • secondary suction pad with vacuum indicator
  • torque applied to the suction pad is minimised by two rollers built into the housing
  • unwanted uncoiling of the cord is prevented by a guide clip located on the side of the tool
  • CNC milled from solid aluminium material

Dimensions (LxWxH): 335 x 245 x 111 mm
1 x Single-Cut EVO 5.0 with gearbox incl. 7 m cord,
1 x fiber cord 130 daN, 50 m,
1 x secondary suction pad with vaccum indicator,
1 x bit holder with locking function,
1 x wire guard template

Note: Max. loading of the unit is 30 Nm!
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